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The Alabama Digital Preservation Network (ADPNet) is a distributed digital preservation network, maintained by a number of Alabama libraries, archives, colleges and universities since 2008. Member institutions pool their electronic resources through a LOCKSS-based network of preservation nodes in order to provide a long-term storage repository for digital assets. The network can support repositories of different types and sizes as well as different kinds of institutions, and it provides secure, geographically distributed, low-cost, and member-run storage for the long-term preservation of digital assets. ADPNet is governed by the member institutions through the network's Steering Committee; the network is financially supported by member institutions, and sponsored by the Network of Alabama Academic Libraries (NAAL).

We welcome new members from Alabama and the U.S. Southeast. Contact Us with a Membership Request if you are interested in joining the digital preservation network.

Committees and Workgroups

  • The Steering Committee sets general ADPNet policy, reviews and approves requests to join ADPNet, and reviews and approves requests to increase ADPNet storage capacity. Each Member of ADPNet appoints voting representatives to the Steering Committee according to membership categories, for a term of 1 year.
  • The Technical Policy Committee periodically reviews the ADPNet capacity and technical specifications and prepares recommendations on issues having to do with hardware and software. It consists of members with technical expertise representing the ADPNet Host member organizations. Chairs of the Steering Committee serve as ex officio members of the committee, and appoint regular committee members from the staff of Host Members.

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