HOWTO: Request a staging area on the Drop Server

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Most ADPNet Members preserve content on ADPNet by packaging up the files that they want to preserve into a common format, and then uploading these packaged directories to a staging area on the ADPNet drop server. All Member are entitled to temporary storage space on the drop server to stage their content for preservation into the network.

If you have some content you want to preserve in ADPNet, and you do not yet have access to a staging area on the drop server, here are the steps for getting set up with access.

Check List

Based on a write-up from Adam Chalkley, 10 October 2020:

For those that would like to use the new drop server, please provide the following information:

  • A short code that can identify your institution (e.g. AUB or even AUBURN for Auburn University). We'll use this when setting up your login credentials on the server.
  • A rough estimate for how much content you will be uploading at a time. We need this in order to resize the volume accordingly.
  • The IP Address or IP Address range that you will be connecting from (e.g., the desktop or laptop workstation performing the upload via WinSCP). We need this to update host-level firewall rules and on Auburn's campus border firewall, to make sure that you can connect to the drop server.
  • Optional: One or more additional contact names and email addresses that we may correspond with. While we will plan to work directly with the requestor, it may be useful to have an alternate contact.
  • Optional: Send over a SSH public key for use with your account

Obtaining IP Address(es)

If you know for sure that you have a fixed (aka, "Static") IP Address, you can visit this link to determine what IP Address you will need to provide us:

We will need a fixed IP Address or range in order to update our campus border firewall rules to permit the access. If you are unsure whether you are working from a static IP Address, or will need to connect from multiple systems in order to upload content, please supply a range. You should be able to obtain that IP Address range from your IT team.

Sending in collected information

Finally, once you have collected all information, please submit those details to ADPNet TPC for review.

  • Please note that this email address is associated with a mailing list with an active email archive. Please do not submit passwords or any information to this address that you consider sensitive.
  • While we should be able to prune list emails upon request, it is best to err on the side of caution.

Once a request has been received, someone from the Technical Policy Committee (TPC) will reach out and we (currently just Auburn at the moment) can move forward with setting up the applicable storage, login credentials and firewall rules (on the box itself and at the campus border).

Dealing with potential problems

It should be stressed that this is a new process and will likely have some "kinks" that we have to work out. Thanks in advance for your patience. Please provide all feedback to the TPC via so that we can collaborate on a solution to any issues that arise.