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An ADPNet Host is a Member organization with the interest and necessary infrastructure and resources to host one or more preservation nodes on the network. Host Members commit to increased membership fees and larger allotments of storage than Participant members, but pay a lower bulk rate for storage fees. Host Members also appoint representatives directly to the Steering Committee and Technical Policy Committee.

ADPNet Governance Policy

From ADPNet Governance Policy (as revised September 10, 2018)

2.1. Membership Categories

ADPNet has two categories of membership, each with specific fees and responsibilities. The two categories are:
1. Host: a category for organizations with the necessary infrastructure to host one or more preservation nodes;
2. Participant: a category for organizations with digital content that needs to be preserved, but without the necessary infrastructure or the desire to host a preservation node.
The fees, rights, and responsibilities for each of these membership categories can be found in Attachment 1: ADPNet Membership Agreement and Attachment 3: ADPNet Membership Model and Storage Fee Schedule. The fee structure is designed to ensure that each Member’s costs are commensurate with its use of the Network.
Membership categories and fees are subject to change. ADPNet Members will be given a six-month advance notice of any upcoming changes in the categories or fees. Membership category is determined at time of joining the network and evaluated annually.

Attachment 1: ADPNet Membership Agreement

  • Annual membership fee: $2,500
  • Storage fees: $250/TB in 1TB allotments, 1TB minimum allotment
  • Governance representation: 1 seat/vote on the Steering Committee, 1 seat/vote on the Technical Policy Committee
  • Responsibilities:
    • Host and maintain one server with sufficient capacity to accommodate the anticipated network holdings for the coming year. Agree to expand server capacity as needed. (Capacity is reviewed annually in the summer to determine expansion needs; the goal is to cover future server and storage expenses through the ADPNet membership and storage fees.)
    • Provide system administration for the server according to network policies (0.25 FTE).
    • Guide the development of the network (time commitment: ~2 hours/month)
    • Make material available for ingest.
    • Serve as an onramp for Participant category members (harvest content, procure content, and/or provide assistance with technical issues).
    • Follow the policies and procedures of ADPNet.