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The configuration server is a special node within the ADPNet Private LOCKSS Network which is used to coordinate network-wide settings and to publish the list of Archival Units preserved within the network. The configuration server for ADPNet is maintained by a current ADPNet Host member. The server environment, databases and configuration data that make the configuration server run are all preserved as Archival Units within ADPNet's digital preservation network, so that new instances of the configuration server can be spun up on demand.

Address is always the URL for ADPNet's current configuration server, no matter where the server is located and no matter which institution currently manages the server. When responsibility for the configuration server shifts to another Host institution, the change is indicated by changing DNS records for to point to the IP address where the new server instance is located.

Typically the configuration server is not visible to computers on the public web; its contents can only be viewed from servers listed as ADPNet preservation nodes.


  • Since 2019, ADPNet's configuration server is currently hosted and managed by Auburn University.

ADPNet's Configuration Server Is Managed By ADPNet

On many LOCKSS preservation networks, the role of the configuration server is filled by vendor-provided servers that are administered by [ the team]. But we do things differently in ADPNet. ADPNet Configuration Management is based on "node-based configuration management," that is, the role of the configuration server is filled by a server that is run by a current ADPNet Host member.

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