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  • Convener (2023-2024 Membership Year): Clint Bellanger (Auburn University)
  • Members (2023-2024 Membership Year): Carlos Carrasco (LSU); Jeremiah Colonna-Romano (University of Alabama); Maurice Harley (BPL); Charles Johnson (ADAH); Andrew Phillips (UNA); Dwan Mason (ADAH); Clay Miller (LOCKSS -- ex officio); Winnie Schwaid-Lindner (LSU); Michael Stewart (LSU); Jennifer Tillis (University of Alabama); Aaron Trehub (Auburn University); Caleb West (BPL)


You can contact the ADPNet Technical Policy Committee for information or help at


4.2.1. The ADPNet Technical Policy Committee (TPC)

The ADPNet Technical Policy Committee (TPC) shall periodically review the ADPNet capacity and technical specifications and prepare recommendations on issues having to do with hardware and software. The TPC shall consist of IT staff members from ADPNet Host Members as defined in Attachment 3: ADPNet Membership Model (2016). The Chair of the Steering Committee shall ask the Host Members to assign IT staff to the TPC for an indefinite but negotiable term. The Chair of the Steering Committee shall be an ex officio member of the TPC; representatives of the LOCKSS program at the Stanford University Libraries may also serve as ex officio members of the TPC.
ADPNet Governance Policy (as revised October 1, 2019)

ADPNet Technical Policy Committee Conference Call

The TPC holds a standing conference call meeting on the last Monday of every month.