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  • Chair (2019-2020 Membership Year): Emy Nelson Decker (University of Alabama Libraries)


4.0. Organization and Governance

The Alabama Digital Preservation Network is a membership organization governed by the Network of Alabama Academic Libraries. ADPNet is managed by an appointed Steering Committee, a special committee of the Network of Alabama Academic Libraries. The Steering Committee represents the Members and oversees the management and operation of ADPNet.

4.1. The ADPNet Steering Committee

The ADPNet Steering Committee consists of voting representatives appointed by each Member according to the membership categories as defined in Attachment 1. The term of service is one year, and representatives can be reappointed to subsequent annual terms. The Steering Committee is responsible for setting general ADPNet policy, reviewing and approving requests to join ADPNet, and reviewing and approving requests to increase ADPNet storage capacity. A majority of the membership of the Steering Committee shall constitute a quorum. A majority vote of those committee members present at a meeting shall be required for action to be taken, with the exception of membership votes, which require a two-thirds favorable vote by the entire ADPNet Steering Committee (see Paragraph 2.1.2 above). The Steering Committee shall annually elect a chairman from its membership for a term of one year.
ADPNet Governance Policy (as revised September 10, 2018)

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