Preservation node

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A preservation node (sometimes called a LOCKSS Box) is a server on the ADPNet private LOCKSS network, which stores archival copies of the digital content preserved on the network. Preservation nodes are owned and operated by ADPNet Host members.

Each preservation node serves as a LOCKSS Cache, collecting and safeguarding Archival Units from participating institutions. The cache is a computer whose sole purpose in life is to run a LOCKSS Daemon to continually collect content from specific places, store it, and check it against the copies preserved by the other LOCKSS caches in its network to insure that the content stored is complete and uncorrupted.

The several preservation nodes are configured, linked together, and directed toward new source content by a single node acting as a configuration server. In some LOCKSS networks the configuration server is managed by an outside institution such as the LOCKSS development team; but on ADPNet, the configuration server is managed by one of the Host members (currently, Auburn University) and maintained on their preservation node. Configuration data and scripts to allow another preservation node to transition into the role of configuration server is distributed throughout the network as an Archival Unit.