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The purpose of the ADPNet drop server ( is to help provide the infrastructure for simple drag-and-drop or command-line processes to stage new or updated content for digital preservation. The drop server is a secure server shared by the Members of ADPNet and administered by members of the TPC. The goal is to simplify the process of ingesting content into the LOCKSS network by providing a one-stop shop for staging content to be ingested -- if you can use common drag-and-drop file-uploading tools like WinSCP, then you should be able to make content available to the network for preservation.


Technical Details

The Drop Server is a VPS with expansive attached storage, which is allocated to Member institutions by request, and managed as logical volumes assigned to each institution's account. Volumes can be resized as needed to accommodate larger or more numerous AUs.

The server runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It hosts an SFTP file transfer server to receive AUs from ADPNet Member institutions, and it hosts an HTTP/HTTPS web server to provide AUs for ADPNet preservation nodes to harvest and preserve.