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Hardware/Server Information

You can find LOCKSS's current server specifications in the LOCKSS install document located here.

Basically, you have two options for setting up a LOCKSS server for ADPNet:

Option 1: Purchase Your Server From A Vendor

Here's what we recommend if you are purchasing a server from a vendor:

  • An x86 Intel compatible CPU running at 1GHz or better
  • A minimum of 1GB of memory (2GB of memory is recommended)
  • A bootable CD or DVD drive
  • A motherboard with a SATA disk controller (ideally with support for 6 SATA devices)
  • Must support the CentOS v5.4 Linux operating system
  • A chassis capable of holding at least 4 2-terabyte hard drives

Option 2: Roll Your Own Server

Recently, Auburn University built its own LOCKSS server as a replacement for an older box that had some hardware failures.

Below is the parts list for Auburn's roll-your-own-server build. Prices are current as of 8/1/11 and are given as a general reference point only; of course they can be expected to change over time and across vendors.

Part Part # Quantity Price Link Notes
Chassis CSE-813MTQ-520CB 1 $264.99 link
Motherboard MBD-X8SIL-V-O 1 $169.99 link Make sure that whatever motherboard you purchase is capable of running CentOS 5.4 and that it will fit in the chassis that you choose
CPU BX80605X3430 1 $204.99 link You will not be using the included fan, but instead the heatsink listed below
Heatsink SNK-P0046P 1 $21.99 link Thermal paste comes pre-applied with this heatsink.
Memory KVR1333D3E9SK2/4GI 1 $44.99 link Make sure to purchase memory that is compatible with the motherboard you choose
CD/DVD Drive DVM-PNSC-DVD-SBT1 1 $47.19 link Make sure the CD/DVD Drive you purchase will fit in the chassis you choose
Hard Drives 0F12117 4 $99.99 ea. link Make sure they are SATA drives. 3.0 Gb/s or 6.0 Gb/s
Slimline SATA Female to SATA w/ LP4 Power Cable SLSATAF20 1 $13.99 link Auburn needed this part to connect the above listed CD/DVD drive to the motherboard. Depending on the parts you purchase you may or may not need this cable.

If you have any questions about rolling your own server contact Jon Bell b e l l t h o @ a u b u r n . e d u.